Distribution Centers  
Last updated: 01/21/2013
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Goods distribution centers were built to complete the stages in the supply chain and logistics operations of the business.

The distribution centersystem is specialized solution for distribution operations of our customers and partners. Application of Lean Production process helps this activity optimal contributing to reduce business costs and maximize profits as well as the efficiency of the whole society.

Distribution centersare designed to reach the standards with warehouse, fire protection systems, garage, forklift equipment systems, handling modern, advanced operating procedure, applied science and new technology in inventory management and management of import and export of materials, cooling systems, other storage ... meet the needs of a variety of goods, raw materials ...

Cooperation with partners in order to provide goods and raw materials in time to manufacturers, dealers, retailers as well as consumers with high quality and reasonable cost.

Centers will be the major distribution to make the deeperprofessionalization of goods and materialssupply in the areas of system distribution center.